Chair Covers & Sashes

Add a touch of elegance to your event with our chair covers and sashes which can be matched perfectly to suit your colour scheme. Please discuss options with your party planner who will be happy to assist. Chair covers and sashes will be set-up at your event well ahead of time and collected after your event has finished.

Classic Balloon Decoration

Classic balloon decor is the most popular option to enhance your party or event setting and table clusters of three along with a buffet or stage balloon arch is our most booked balloon package. We can make arches or any size or colour scheme and table clusters can be of any quantity or colour with fun options such as our new amazing chrome range! You can also add feathers, confetti, a touch of glitter for that extra wow. Orbs and bubbles are also available with added longevity and a wide range of themes and styles available we are happy to discuss.

Organic Balloon Decoration

Organic balloon decor is on trend. Each organic balloon arch, garland or cloud cluster is unique and no two are the same. This is why they are so popular and can be tailored to suit your theme and colour scheme perfectly. This style of decor breaks all the rules that we would normally strive for in terms of precise lines and consistent balloon sizes. Flowers and foliage are a welcome addition and really add that extra wow to your organic design.

Photo Backdrop

Our photo backdrops are a great addition to your party or event. We have a variety of flower walls, balloon walls, LED white twinkle backdrop, combination backdrops, logo backdrop and personalised logo backdrops available. The backdrop can be tailored to match your event colour scheme or theme.


Please contact us for table coverings, centrepieces, balloon boxes, LED numbers/letters, dance floors or anything else that you make have in mind and we are happy to assist you further.

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