Marquee Hire
Marquee Hire Liverpool (extra's)


At Jumping Jacks Events, we only use the best quality, professional marquee’s in the industry.  We provide marquee hire in Liverpool, Runcorn, Warrington, Sefton, North Cheshire, Manchester in some parts of North Wales and the surrounding North West areas. 


Our professional marquee’s are of the highest quality & waterproof.  Great for daytime or evening events all year round, with added heating/cooling if needed. Whether the sun is glaring or the rain is pouring, a Jumping Jacks marquee will have you covered!  We deliver free all over Liverpool, further travel may incur additional delivery charges. We also offer a free, no obligation site visit if you are unsure of the correct size needed.  

We take a great deal of pride and care in what we do and pay very close attention to detail, these advantages certainly separates us from the rest. With a wealth of knowledge and experience (over a decade to be precise) and numerous awards under our belt, we guarantee your celebration, event or occasion will no doubt be a success!




4 X 4 METRE MARQUEE  – The recommended capacity for this marquee is 20 standing or 12 seated with chairs and two tables.  More may fit seated with chairs around the edge of the marquee or if you have only chairs and no added tables.

4 X 6 METRE MARQUEE – The recommended capacity for this marquee is 35 standing or 18 seated with chairs and three tables.  More may fit seated with chairs around the edge of the marquee or if you have only chairs and no added tables.

4 X 8 METRE MARQUEE – The recommended capacity for this marquee is 50 standing or 24 seated with chairs and four tables.  More may fit seated with chairs around the edge of the marquee or if you have only chairs and no added tables.

4 X 10 METRE MARQUEE – The recommended capacity for this marquee is 65 standing or 30 seated with chairs and four tables.  More may fit seated with chairs around the edge of the marquee or if you have only chairs and no added tables.


What is the ground like?

Where are you planning to put your marquee? The ground, first and foremost will have to be considerably flat/level without slopes and troughs.  We can erect the marquee on grass or a hard floor.  If the ground that you are considering is prone to flooding or waterlogging (holding surface water) then this can be a serious problem and it might be worth having an alternate location in mind in case the weather turns in the run up to your event.  Most grass surfaces (unless clay based) will have adequate drainage but we cannot supply our marquees on grass that is water logged without exception.

What size marquee would I need?

We usually recommend sending us a short video of the space you require for the marquee via WhatsApp to 07811301554 and you can also send pictures over to help us get an indication of the size and space to give you the appropriate advice.  After receiving this information, we can decide whether a free site visit would be required.  We would also request that you send as much detail as possible regarding the event type, number of guests, whether you would prefer guests seated, standing or mixed, what other requirements you may have for the marquee and just as much information as possible to help us offer our expertise and advice.

When do you come to put up or take down the marquee?

We usually arrange to set-up the marquee a day or two prior to your event to ensure that everything is ready for your booking date.  On rare occasions or if this is not possible to set-up a day or two before, we can also set-up on the same day but we will make arrangements with you.  On occasion, if the weather is worse on certain days or at certain times, we may contact you closer to the booking date to change the day or time to ensure a smooth and safe set-up.  Collection is usually the day after your event but we would not usually collect before noon.  We ask for the marquee to be cleared of any rubbish, mess, empty bottles, glasses etc. and left in the same condition as we left it set-up upon collection.  We may leave the marquee for an extra day if this is more convenient or this works better around the weather forecast.  If it is a corporate booking or the marquee needs to be erected and taken down on the same day this is also possible, just speak to our team before booking if possible to let them know and to check we have the appropriate time slots available.

What is the temperature like inside the marquee?

During the summer months it will be warm enough without heaters and the sides can be rolled up for really warm or sunny days during the daytime and rolled down during the evening.  During winter months, we recommend using our heaters to circulate warm air into your marquee from various, discrete points, keeping your guests’ toasty all night long.  Adding the carpeted flooring option offers an attractive, level and dry surface and also helps to keep the marquee insulated for extra comfort.

Are your marquees weatherproof?

Our marquees are often hired to ensure our clients event can still take place in the event of bad weather and our marquees are high quality and waterproof.  On some ground types, in heavy rain, water may run in from the ground around the edges of the marquee which cannot be helped but the actual shell of the marquee and covering is fully waterproof.  We can still erect a marquee in light-medium rain but not during persistent/torrential rain for example.  We usually check the weather prior to your event to check the best time to book you in.  This would also be the case for collection and take down.  Our marquees are suitable for up to 25-30mph winds (as checked via the Met Office’s website and includes wind speed as well as wind gust mph) once erected but there would need to be a risk assessment conducted to ensure our safety prior to erecting the marquee.  In the rare circumstances that there are high winds (we will not erect or leave erected any marquee in winds higher than 30mph without exemption for health and safety reasons), heavy snow/ice or a danger to ourselves or others then we would have to cancel and offer a full refund or transfer to another available date.

Booking Slots

Please make sure we have access to the booking location for the exact time slot booked for drop off or collection as we often have multiple bookings each day and this may cause disruption to other bookings.  In the event we have to come out on an alternative date/time or we attend and there is no-one at the location then there may be an additional charge to cover our time and travel costs.


Any ‘mess’ from pets MUST be cleared and fully cleaned and/or dis-infected from the space we are erecting the marquee prior to our arrival for set-up for health and safety purposes.  We may refuse to erect the marquee and your deposit would be lost if this is not the case.  Pets are not allowed under any circumstances in or around the marquee.  There will be additional cleaning charges to the customer if this has not been the case.


Smoking/Vaping is not allowed in or close to the marquee under any circumstances.


Loose confetti or confetti canons are not allowed inside our marquees if our carpeting/flooring is provided or there would be an additional cleaning fee.


Food and drink are allowed inside the marquee with the exception of sticky sweets or chewing gum.  We kindly request that our marquees are treated respectfully and courteously.  Please clean any spills and clear the marquee prior to our collection from any rubbish, mess, bottles, cans, wrappers, glasses or any dropped food for example and that the marquee is in the same condition as it was initially set-up.