To get the best out of your UV GLOW PARTY, the darker the room or venue, the better!!!

Add-on our amazing glow balloon and party decor for that extra WOW factor from only £75.

Jumping Jacks Recommendation;

  • Close curtains/blinds or cover windows with bin bags or dark paper to block out as much light as possible
  • Turn lights off once the UV GLOW DISCO lights have been set-up
  • Clothing and materials that are either white or fluorescent (neon green/pink/yellow/orange) will glow the best under the UV lighting

Glow parties are a great generic themed party for children all ages and the content is completely different and tailored perfectly to suit. We have our finger firmly on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not! Whether it’s a disco and games package with an added glow element or for older kids and tween disco parties, we know that the modern kids have well out grown ‘babyish’ party gamess.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not throw paint, paint powder or do painted hand prints on children’s clothes. Our Glow parties are venue friendly, mess free and action packed from start to finish.

Please contact us with any queries that you have and our party experts are more than happy to assist you further.