We do believe in fairies! A fairy is a mythical, magical being who will truly add a sprinkle of magic to your child’s party or event. Fairies can be mischievous and add a cheeky touch of humour to your event and make the children giggle at their antics. Our Fairies themed party for indoors or outoors includes the following;

  • Jumping Jacks Unifomed or Pirate Dressed Entertainer & Fairy Singing Performer
  • Professional Disco Set-Up With Music, Lights & Microphone
  • Bubbles 
  • Jumping Jacks Branded Invites (optional)
  • Pass The Parcel, Prize Pack & VIP Gift Bag 
  • Certificates For All Children 
  • Balloon Modelling (optional)
  • Storytelling, Role Play & Imaginative Games 
  • Fairies Themed Music & Sound FX
  • Fairy Training School, Activities, Dancing & Challenges
  • Popular Traditional Games With A Mythical Fairies Touch
  • Examples of some of the games (we can’t give a specific list as we tailor each party to suit the age, number of attendees, venue size & group ability); Jump the Lily Pad, Treasure Hunt, Pixie Dust Relay.

Imagine seeing the children’s reaction to meeting a real mythical creature who will explain in person their journey getting to the event and how they transformed from such a tiny creature into a life size fairy. These interactive, themed parties are designed to capture the imagination of youngsters.

If you have something different in mind please let us know and we can tailor something to suit.

It’s all about YOU!

We specialise in bespoke event packages and can assist in creating the perfect party package for you. Please contact one of our party experts who will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.