We only offer air-filled balloon creations! We may lack in helium but we make up for it in design, skill and creativity!

There is a lot to take in on this page so please feel free to contact us or visit our Instagram or Facebook page with any queries. If you have seen a design that you like, please screenshot or save the photo and send over for a quote. You can also contact us via WhatsApp 07811301554,

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Creating balloon displays and creations is not just a job for us, it’s a passion! We consider it to be an art form! From the simplest of designs to the most elaborate, we love nothing more than creating something that is not just an ‘item’ but it is something that makes people feel. We have made people smile, laugh, cry, emotional and brought people together with such a simple gift or display. In recent times with the current situation, our balloons have been a great way to let someone know they are missed with a personalised message or to add that extra sparkle to a lockdown celebration.

We really take pride in what we do! Just blowing up a balloon is not good enough for us. We want the best quality, we want to know the best ways of creating displays, we want to improve our skills all of the time and we hope this shows to our customers. We hope to keep advancing and adding more balloon string (or ribbon) to our bow so we can be the top of our game and only offer the best for our wonderfully loyal and supportive customers who are trusting us with their special celebrations and gifts.


With an unlimited number of creations, combinations and options, it would be impossible for us to list all our prices. So, here you’ll find a small sample of the products and pricing available.

All prices include personalisation with a wide range of coloured vinyl and font/design/themed styles to choose from.


  • Delivery is only available on orders over £25.
  • Click and collect available via appointment only from our unit in Huyton L36 6BJ but not available during national lockdown.
  • Free delivery for Netherley L27 area
  • Free delivery within 1 mile of L36 6BJ
  • Delivery 1-3 miles from L36 6BJ is £3 delivery
  • Delivery 3-7 miles from L36 6BJ is £5 delivery
  • Over 7 miles from L36 6BJ is an additional 50p per mile one way
  • Free delivery within 10 miles on orders over £100


All pictures are of air filled balloons we have previously installed or supplied. Air filled ceiling balloons are a much better environment option to helium, they are much better value for our customers, they last longer, don’t tip to one side or sink and you can get a lot more for your money! We supply all air filled balloons inflated, sized to match, with added ribbons, in bags with added balloon dots that are made to stay on the balloon and not your ceiling! With easy to install instructions.

  • 15 x Air-filled 10″ Ceiling balloons with ribbons – £12.50
  • 30 x Air-filled 10″ Ceiling balloons with ribbons – £25
  • 50 x Air-filled 10″ Ceiling balloons with ribbons – £37.50


Large number and letter foil balloons come in lots of colours including rose gold, silver, gold, rainbow, black, red, green, baby blue, sapphire blue, baby pink and magenta pink. Great way of celebrating someone celebrating a milestone occasion or for any age.

  • Single number column (standard) – £15
  • Single number column (deluxe) – £25
  • Single number column (super deluxe) – £30
  • Double number column (standard) – £30
  • Double number column (deluxe) – £40
  • Double number column (super deluxe) – £45


Large letters are ideal to symbolize the first letter of someone’s name, or order multiple in order to spell out a word or name.

  • Letter column (standard) – £15 per letter
  • Letter column (deluxe) – £20 per letter


If you are looking for a matching set, something a bit extra or to add the wow factor to a special occasion then look no further!

Whether it’s a milestone occasion…

Or a child’s celebration…

We have got your back! And we love nothing more than a new theme or challenge so if you have something a bit different in mind then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Package deals –

  • Single number column (deluxe) & 2 x 3 tiered tabletop star/heart foil topped columns either side – £40
  • Single number column (deluxe) & 20″ bubble column with feathers/confetti/mini balloons inside – £40
  • 24″ bubble column with feathers/confetti/mini balloons inside & 2 x 3 tiered tabletop star/heart foil topped columns either side – £45
  • Double number column (deluxe) & 2 x 3 tiered tabletop star/heart foil topped columns either side – £50
  • Double number column (deluxe) & 24″ bubble column with feathers/confetti/mini balloons inside – £60
  • Double number column (deluxe), 2 x 3 tiered tabletop star/heart foil topped columns either side & 24″ bubble column with feathers/confetti/mini balloons inside – £75
  • Add a door bow to any package deal – £12
  • Make your own package! Contact us with details of what you would like & we offer discount on multiple balloons booked


A very popular display for all occasions and events. A 20″ or 24″ clear Deco Bubble or Clearz balloon unfilled or these can also be filled with 5″ balloons, feathers or confetti, in any colour scheme. We can also provide vinyl text in a range of colours on the balloon.

  • 20″ bubble on a 4 tier column – £20
  • 24″ bubble on a 4 tier column – £25
  • Add feathers/confetti or mini 5″ balloons inside (6) – £3
  • Add butterflies – £3
  • Add beading – £3 (3)
  • Add balloon modelled flowers – £3
  • Add silk flowers or leaves – £3
  • Add a mini foil star/heart – £1 each


The possibilities are endless at Jumping Jacks and have created some unique designs combining foil & bubble balloons stacked.

  • Mini single number foil topped bubble – £25
  • Mini double number foil topped bubble – £30
  • Double mini star topped bubble – £30
  • 18″ foil topped bubble – £30
  • Deluxe foil topped bubble with Supershape or large foil – £35
  • Extra vinyl stickers £5
  • Add feathers/confetti or mini 5″ balloons inside – £3
  • Add butterflies – £3
  • Add beading – £3 (3)
  • Add balloon modelled flowers – £3
  • Add silk flowers or leaves – £3
  • Add additional mini foil star/heart – £1 each


A balloon hug is a great choice as no two are ever the same. With the organic styled balloons wrapped around a deco bubble with can be filled with 5″ balloons, confetti or feathers and personalised with a short message or name and age. Silk flowers/leaves, butterflies and other cleverly placed decor also looks lovely with your balloon hug design.

  • Balloon hug display – £40
  • Add feathers/confetti or mini 5″ balloons inside – £3
  • Add butterflies – £3
  • Add beading – £3 (3)
  • Add balloon modelled flowers – £3
  • Add silk flowers or leaves – £3
  • Add a mini foil star/heart – £1 each


These are ideal for the centre of your table at your home, a restaurant or venue.

  • 3 Tier tabletop balloon column with 18″ foil topper – £12 or 2 for £20
  • Tier tabletop balloon column with 18″ foil topper – £15 or 2 for £25


These are a fabulous way to catch the eye of your guests and a great alternative to the standard balloon clusters everyone usually gets! Go big or go home! The bubbles can be personalised and to suit any occasion or colour scheme that you have with added LED lights in cool white, warm white or multi coloured which look stunning during the evening or in a darker setting.


So what is organic? To long standing balloon decorators like myself, this goes completely against the grain of everything we’ve been taught! Gone are the straight symmetrical lines and perfectly sized balloons! We are now breaking all the rules! By doing this we can create the most beautiful arches, garlands, swags and table runners with added features like flowers, foliage, beads and tissues. These are one of my favourite designs to create for our customers as no two are the same.

Price is all dependant on what you would like. Every design is different and completely bespoke to your project/event so please contact us to discuss your requirements.   


For a real attention grabber, try two balloon columns linked together with a single link arch. Perfect over a balloon display, balloon columns, a cake, table or entrance. Different sizes available. Link arches are perfect for indoor events and celebrations. They are not suitable for outdoors. For outdoors, organic balloon displays and structured quad arches are perfect as they can be weighted and use stands suitable for outdoors to keep them in place.

Link Circle (with foil centre)

  • One size only, complete circle with foil balloon at the centre. This can be a single number or a themed foil – £45 (includes personalisation)

Link Arch

  • Minimum size 7 links with quad connectors and a single base either side – £28
  • A popular size is 10 links with quad connectors and a single base either side – £37
  • Another popular size is 10 links with quad connectors and a 3 tiered base either side – £47
  • The largest size link arch is 11 links with quad connectors and a 3 tiered base either side – £50
  • Extra links £2 per link with connecting quad
  • Larger/taller tiered base – £2.50 extra per quad tier
  • Add silk flowers for an extra £1 each
  • Add 3D butterflies for an extra 50p each
  • For other ideas for add-ons to match your theme, please contact us for a bespoke design


Perfect gift for anyone, whether its a Birthday present or a wedding gift, this new concept of balloon gifts has to be the ultimate balloon gift for anyone at any age. The see through balloon comes filled with Money, yes real money for you to give as a gift to someone. Alternatively, we can use a block colour so you can’t see the surprise inside the balloon! Soft toys, concert tickets, holiday tickets, scrolls with personalised messages, car keys and more have also been popular choices with our customers for pop balloons.

  • Pop balloons can come inside a personalised box and this option can also be shipped.
  • Pop balloons also can come with a star/heart personalised foil topper with a name/age or short message.
  • Prices from £25


We can provide balloon packages and displays for any themes or even full size character balloon columns! Just ask! We have tons of pictures on our social media account. For Instagram click here or for Facebook click here. Alternatively, please contact us.


We specialise in bespoke designs and one-off balloon displays and decor. If you have something specific in mind that you would like or you would like our input and advice, please contact us.


Balloon walls cost from £200 upwards depending on the size and style. Please contact us for more information.


Ever since the first rubber balloon was invented in 1824 by Michael Faraday, it seems like balloons have been a focal point of every celebration. Everyone loves balloons — whether they are plain, shaped, filled with helium, or filled with water. But did you know that they actually came to be because of a failed laboratory experiment?

Faraday found that he could make two sheets of rubber stick together and hold air.

By 1825 Thomas Hancock (a British inventor and rubber manufacturer) began distributing balloon-making kits that included sheets of rubber and syringes. In 1847, London entrepreneurs were selling the first balloons.

Balloons, in their various forms, were invented for use in military communications, scientific experiments, and transportation, but it wasn’t long before people began to have fun with them. The military use of balloons might not fit the fun and carefree idea that we have in relation with balloons today. At the start of the Cold War in the 1950s, activists in Western Europe used balloons for propaganda purposes. They would float east over Eastern Europe, and would then release newspapers and pamphlets. Today, South Korean activists are using the same balloon method to get information to those in North Korea.

O.K., now we know a bit more about the origin of the balloons, the question is:

Why do we love celebrating things with balloons?

Balloons used to have specific meanings for each of the colours, much like roses do today. They were an inexpensive way to show someone that you really cared.

Did you know that balloons are actually harvested from rubber trees? However, making balloons does not actually harm the tree — they are completely sustainable!

Whatever you are using balloons for — to decorate for a birthday party, to let someone know you care, for a milestone occasion, as a special memory balloon for a loved one, balloons of all shapes and sizes are one of the best ways to capture that celebratory spirit. The balloon’s style — no matter what — captures just a little bit of magic in our everyday lives.

We absolutely love balloons for all occasions — no matter what! Whether it’s something simple or big and extravagant, balloons are so versatile and can be personalised and tailored to any space, theme, occasion or colour scheme!


Why Jumping Jacks have decided to switch to only air filled balloon creations and displays and will no longer be offering helium floating balloons.


We all love helium balloons? Don’t we?

Pretty floaty things that cheaply cheer up a dreary event room for hire or create a lovely, colourful party atmosphere at home.

Personalise them and someone will feel a little warmer around the heart – Happy Birthday Nan! Lucie and Dave’s Wedding! Poppa’s Little Princess! Give your loved one a heart shaped balloon for Valentine’s Day… awww….

And then, when we’ve had a few drinks, there’s the added fun of undoing the balloon and breathing in the helium, and speaking in a weird high voice for a few sentences. We’ve all done it, it’s ridiculous and very very funny. Until I found out in can actually kill you or even burst a lung.

Helium balloons come in different types. The foil balloons (mylar) have caused an enormous number of serious power cuts. It’s because they float away and when they come into contact with power lines, they can cause a power surge or a short circuit. Result… fires, melted electrical wires, power cuts, possible injuries, damage to properties, and enormous inconvenience all round.

We’ve all done balloon releases in the past, I’m guilty of this myself… that was until I realised the effect on the environment! I couldn’t continue once I was made aware of this. Consumed by guilt.

Released helium/floating balloons negatively impact our environment by littering streams, lakes and beaches. It’s basically the same as throwing them directly on the ground or into the sea/ocean.

When the balloons make their way into the water, their tattered ends and floating pieces can resemble jelly fish or other sea life eaten by marine animals.

When the pieces of latex/mylar are mistaken for food and ingested, they can get lodged in the digestive tract, inhibiting animals ability to eat and causing a slow and painful death by starvation.

When balloons float down into trees or power lines, birds have been found injured with ribbons wrapped around their beaks or wings.

Even though they are marked as biodegradable or eco-friendly they can still take years to disintegrate, therefore, the best way to dispose of balloons is with household or commercial waste where they will decompose in landfill. Once finished with, deflate and cut the balloons and ribbons into small pieces and put in the bin.

We would love to ask our customers to dispose of all air filled balloon displays responsibly to help save our environment and our wildlife.