Balloon Twisting

Balloon twisting is fascinating for young children to watch and they also love the sensory aspect with the bright colours, shapes and texture. Older children are inquisitive and love to ask questions and learn how to make simple balloon designs so this activity is a great choice for all ages.

Balloon twisting is a highly engaging activity for both kids and adults. Balloons can be easily customised and colours can be chosen to match the child’s or adult’s favorite colours, clothing or the parties colour scheme. For corporate events colours can match the companies colour scheme or logo. All these are great reasons for getting an experienced balloon twister for your party.

Balloon Twisting Choices – With balloons, various things can be created, here are the most popular ones:

Animal – Animals like dogs, rabbits, elephants, giraffes, bears are cute by themselves. Made into balloons, they become even cuter. This might be the reason why kids love balloon twisting animals best. 

Hat – What is a party without party hats? Balloon hats are cute and colorful alternative to normal party hats. Even better, they can be created with different designs to match the party’s theme or colour scheme, making them suitable for virtually all types of children’s parties.

Flower – This is a popular type of twisted balloon that can be made as a flower to hold or as a flower bracelet to wear. Children often ask for a flower to give as a gift to a family member or friend. 

Swords & Guns – Great for lively children who want to run around with their balloon and play pirates, cowboys, cowgirls etc. in a fun environment.