We have a new ‘normal’ so we are not surprised it can be daunting for our customers and clients considering celebrating an occasion, holding a small event or a family get-together.

Can I organise an event? It’s a question that we have been asked quite a lot during current times, and the answer is simply YES!

For your peace of mind, we have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure your safety, the safety of your guests and the safety of our team comes first. With the correct measures in place to ensure a Covid Secure environment and experience, events can continue in line with the government guidelines.

We are all trying to do our part to stay safe during current times and protect those around us. We are also trying to ‘carry on’ in this new normal in a safe and secure way. For over 11 years, you have trusted Jumping Jacks to deliver our 5* service to you time & time again – now it’s time to trust us even more.

What have Jumping Jacks Events done to become Covid Secure?

Here are steps that Jumping Jacks Events have taken to provide a Covid Secure service. These have included:

  • Training each of team members in our own Covid Secure safety guidelines (inline with Government advice)
  • A complete product review – all pieces of equipment/resources have gone through a Covid Secure review
  • Our team are fully equipped with Covid-19 Kits – including PPE and industry recognised covid cleaning materials
  • Updated Risk Assessments
  • Strict cleaning regime of equipment – before, during and after hire

Your Covid-19 Checklist

When you organise your event, there are three key things that you need to be sure are in place.

  • Social Distancing – This is key! This is our new normal, remaining 1 plus metres away from others. You can help support this with signage, queuing systems and have staff on hand to help support Social Distancing rules. Don’t just assume everyone knows, put these measures in place.
  • Contact Tracing (Track & Trace) – When you hold your event, you may be required to take details of those attending. If you have a ‘guest-list’ this should be very simple to do. Whether you gather the information prior to the event taking place or as they arrive. Take their Names, Address, Telephone Number and Email.
  • Hygiene – We all know the line “Wash your hands for 20 seconds”. And if you can’t, hand sanitiser should be used. You should have Sanitation Stands clearly present and accessible to all. Current guidelines stipulate Face Masks are needed to be worn on Public Transport and shops. You may wish to impose this on your event also – it doesn’t take away from the fun of it! 

In short…

Jumping Jacks Events have always put the safety of our clients, their guests and our team at the forefront of everything we do. During current times, we have adapted our service to ensure that we can still deliver much needed fun to you and it is possible to host an event or experience in different environments, providing the correct measures are in place (social distancing, hygiene and tracing). Because during current times, it is our wellbeing that needs to be cared for and that can still happen when following the guidance laid out by Government.

In a socially distanced world, we can still come together in ways to celebrate, engage and support one another through the events we can deliver.

What’s Next?

Talk to us! Whatever your plans are for your event, we’re here to support you where we can.

Information shared has been taken from guidance as per Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance found on Gov.uk. Other sources include NHS and Public Health England. This information is inline with guidance provided for England.