Hi everyone,

I think that we can all agree that this has been a very difficult and worrying time for the whole nation. We sincerely apologise for any delays in responding to any messages at this time. This has been a complete shock to everyone here at Jumping Jacks. We are a small family business and we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to figure things out for the business whilst also prioritising family and vulnerable people in our lives at this time.

We have received so many messages of support and kindness and for this we are truly grateful. It’s so hard seeing people so sad at this time when we are usually surrounded by happiness and excitement. It just doesn’t feel real. This is not something we have ever seen during our lifetime.

To find out where to go from here and what the short term goals for Jumping Jacks are please see below.

Please stay safe and our thoughts are with you and your family at this time. 

Lucie & Dave x


We will also allow you to reschedule your booking and move your party or event to a different date within 12 months! It means you can book in confidence knowing that if the worst happens you can reschedule your party and there will be no financial implications. We will simply transfer your deposit to another available slot. All re-scheduled bookings must be done via email. Book Jumping Jacks, book peace of mind!

Alternatively, deposit payments can be transferred to other services that we are currently offering. This includes balloons and personalised gifts with our ‘knock and run’ style deliveries. Door bows and house party decorations are also available. We are also offering personalised character video messages for your child from their faves to brighten up their day and ours too! As making people smile is what we love to do.

We are unable to fully refund any deposit payments. I hope that you can understand our reasons for this and we appreciate your support and patience at this time. 


Our staff are currently all isolating or socially distancing following strict guidelines and luckily none of our staff have had any of the symptoms listed on the NHS website for COVID-19. Lucie, Dave & Callum will be working part time from home at this time and there will be no-one available on the office number but we can be contacted via email, social media or 07811301554.


We are posting some videos, lives and activity sheets in the upcoming weeks on social media and via our YouTube channel to help keep your children entertained, put a smile on their faces and battle the boredom they may be facing! This may also help keep parents sane too!