Jumping Jacks have over a decade of experience in the industry and we are here to offer our help, support and advice during this difficult time.


Jumping Jacks Parties & Events have had some clients addressing concerns towards the virus and what we are doing to make sure everything is a success for your party. For us it is still business as usual but we completely understand you may have questions or concerns. In this blog we offer some handy tips & advice about what you can do to ensure your party or event is a success during the outbreak. We always follow strict hygiene even prior to the outbreak for your peace of mind.


Check with your entertainer if they have any symptoms in good time so if they have you can find a replacement, now this will also take a lot of work especially if you haven’t booked a larger company.

Jumping Jacks have systems and procedures in place to monitor our entertainers’ health. It means we can make sure if one of our entertainers has to self-isolate another healthy entertainer will be on hand to make sure your party is a success. We also have strong relationships with other local companies to make sure our clients are never let down. 


We will also allow you to reschedule your booking and move your party to a different date within 12 months! It means you can book in confidence knowing that if the worst happens you can reschedule your party and there will be no financial implications. We will simply transfer your deposit to another available slot. Book Jumping Jacks, book peace of mind!


All our entertainers carry hand sanitisers even before the outbreak started & we recommend that you do the same with your party, its really good peace of mind for anyone else that might be worrying about the virus. You want to ensure that parents feel confident and happy bringing their children to your party and communicating this to them is a great way to do that. Even for evening entertainment, it’s a great idea to have hand sanitisers in place for everyone’s peace of mind. 


We are not sure what other companies offer for this but our standards have always been high even prior to the virus. We always use anti-bacterial gel, a clean sponge or a disposable brush for each person we tattoo or paint. 


Our soft play has always been cleaned after each and every use as cleanliness has always been a priority for us and we only want the best and have high standards for our customers. 

If you are booking any optional extra’s from us, please note that this cleanliness and high standards we have set from starting our business quite some years ago has continued to the present day for any items or services hired. For example; for out photobooth props will be cleaned thoroughly and hand sanitiser used between people using the booth.


Make sure your venue has liquid hand soap at the ready so that kids & adults can wash their hands upon arrival and also before eating food. It is vital this is provided not just for the kids but for our entertainers also. We have been to venues and there has been no soap provided by the venue. Make sure you check this beforehand.

It is very important to not only stress to your entertainer your concerns but to also stress it to the venue you are booking for your party. Have they put cleaning protocols in place? Is the venue clean? Have they carried out a deep clean recently? These are just a few questions you need to ask.


During this time, we would strongly recommend that you avoid sharing food on a buffet for children’s parties. We recommend having separate snack boxes or bags with food already inside. (Such as a sandwich, crisps, cake bar, biscuits etc). This is less work than preparing a buffet and it will definitely help stop any symptoms passing. Jumping Jacks can provide food boxes for you as an optional added extra onto your party package and we follow strict hygiene regimes. 

If you are having a buffet consider having someone serving or ensure that people use utensils provided to transfer food from serving trays to their plates and not to touch food directly with their hands. 

If you’ve booked Jumping Jacks fun food machines, we follow the highest hygiene standards and we have ALWAYS cleaned our machines after each and every use and use disposable cutlery.


Disposable plates & cups should be what you are using for your party. Not just for kids but for adults too. Making sure that hot drinks are also in disposable cups & then thrown away immediately after. This takes away the chance of any germs being spread. As a bonus it also means that there is no washing up! Jumping Jacks can provide these for you if needed for a small charge. 


If you are worried about the venue being dirty then why not take matters into your own hands and have it at home? At least then you know it will be clean! FYI Jumping Jacks do over 500 parties a year and a large percentage of those are in homes!


We personally can manage anywhere from a handful to hundreds of guests, for a children’s party or evening event, however, during the time of the coronavirus outbreak it may be a good idea to limit the amount of children/adults attending. Consider limiting the amount of party invites that you send out and possibly limit parties or events to close friends and family or a small number of nursery/school friends for a children’s party.


We understand that it can be difficult to not worry with the uncertainty that is happening around the world. However, it’s important to understand if you’re having a Birthday/Communion/Christening party, that it’s your child’s special day and if you’re worried, they might not enjoy their day as much. Remember that for the majority of the people that are infected it’s no worse than a flu. Try to remain calm, don’t panic and make sure that all the kids have an awesome and memorable party.

If it’s your own party or event and you are celebrating a Birthday, wedding or other celebration we are here to chat anytime and offer our support and advice about your upcoming event. 

We hope some of these points have helped you, we strongly recommend you take them on board. Finally, if you would like to speak to us about any concerns just give us a call and we are more than happy to speak to you. 

We must stress that these are things that we would recommend & not something that may work for everyone. If you find that your child or any of your family members may have symptoms then please go to this link that NHS have set up to see if your symptoms meet the criteria of the Coronavirus – https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19

You can also read NHS blog on the virus here – https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/