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Team JJ


“For the best party in ya neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? TEAM JJ!”

We are a multi award winning entertainment company who always go that extra mile to make your party or event one to remember. We specialise in putting smiles on faces! All staff are fully trained & experienced working with children of all ages. Our entertainers are DBS cleared (police checked), insured, first aid trained and come with everything needed for an action packed party to remember including tons of JJ energy & enthusiasm.


I am extremely proud to be the founder of Jumping Jacks Parties and I am passionate about making your party or event one to remember and love nothing more than seeing the kids happy and smiling.  It gives me so much pride knowing that I have made someone’s day and I will go above and beyond in my role as a party entertainer and event planner.  It is so much more than a job to me and I never want to grow up!

My background is in health & fitness and I have worked as a fitness instructor & sports coach for quite some years. One of Jumping Jacks proudest moments for me was being awarded the National Princes Trust RBS Enterprise Award by HRH Prince Charles himself.  It was a very surreal moment and one I will remember forever.  It is certainly a team effort here at JJ HQ and we all put 100% into being the best entertainment company for you and your children and I have the highest standards.


All of JJ’s singers can sing beautifully, the JJ’s dancing superheros can throw some amazing shapes, they also have the best entertainers around, but can any of them cook the perfect hot dog? or create a bowl of gourmet nachos? or make you the best fluffy candy floss or marshmallow topped Shmoo milkshake? No! that’s my job 😀 Meet Dave the resident JJ party machine guy!

I am also co-manager and owner of Jumping Jacks and you may well speak to me when enquiring about your next party or event!


I have been working for Jumping Jacks now since I was 14 (2012) as a princess and party assistant initially and now I am one of the lead entertainers!  I also have the important role of event planning behind the scenes as I have great organisational skills and love looking after everyone and making sure everything is prepared for your special event.  I am an animated and outgoing person and Jumping Jacks really brings out my crazy side (in a good way!).  I am an entertainer at the weekends but I also work in a nursery as an apprentice Monday-Friday as I love working with children and caring for them.  Since since starting JJ’s, I have grown from strength to strength. I have a natural ability to relate to children of all ages and have a kind and caring nature.  I love working with my Jumping Jacks family. It’s such an amazing experience to be able to watch Jumping Jacks grow and I am so proud to be a part of it and work for an award winning company.


My nickname is ‘Jumping Jayne’ as I have tons of energy and love to party, party and party some more! I am up for a laugh and don’t take myself too seriously. I have always been fun loving and will never grow up so I have certainly found the right job for me! I am one of the lead Party Entertainers and I am proud to say that Jumping Jacks is more than a job to me, we are one big happy family!  Since starting working for Jumping Jacks, I have had had twins who keep me very busy as you can imagine so my life is always filled to the brim, I work hard and play hard.


Hey, I’m Danny, I am one of the Lead Party Entertainers here at Jumping Jacks and have worked here since the end of 2014. I am a highly energetic and outgoing member of the Jumping Jacks team and no matter if your event is a character meet and greet or a 4-hour Christening I will give my all to ensure that your event is remembered as an extremely fun filled happy occasion where memories will be made that hopefully you will remember for years to come.

Alongside working at Jumping Jacks I also study Law at the University of Liverpool in hopes of being able to become a patent lawyer specialising in software patents in the not too distant future.


I love being a volunteer for Jumping Jacks and helping out at charity events, because they bring a lot of joy and happiness to families and children of all ages. We are a great team and we all work really well together. It also gives me a lot of experience and confidence most importantly to have fun with people of all ages.


I love being a member of Jumping Jacks, it so fun to be a superhero and party assisstant and have so much fun in work. I am such a outgoing, fun and crazy person and have loads of fun at Jumping Jacks parties. I love seeing the smiles on children’s (and sometimes adult’s!) faces when they’re having such a fun time. I tend to become a big kid at every party and always aim to make a party the most enjoyable it can be! “Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” – Walt Disney


I love to see the smiles on children’s faces when they see their favourite character greet them which is why, in between working as a nurse, I volunteer to be a Jumping Jacks team member and help out at charity events. I love to sing, dance, perform and dress up (I’ve collected a few uniforms in my working life from air hostess, military and police to nursing!) and I really enjoy every moment creating special memories for the children.


I have been dancing since 2007 and it always surprises people when they see their favourite character street dancing! Working with Jumping Jacks is so much fun, we have a laugh and love to pick on the grown-ups if it helps get the kids involved and makes people smile. It’s an honour to be able to say that I have helped to put so many smiles on so many kids faces and that I have helped to raise money that is needed for many charities including Cash for Kids, Claire House, Zoe’s Place and many more. I have volunteered over the years for many charity events for Jumping Jacks and love to help in anyway I can.


I’ve been working at Jumping Jacks since 2016 and my time here has been filled with utter joy and laughter. This is the only place in the world where I can truly be myself and be out of my comfort zone. I’ve done acting and performed for almost all my life and the feeling I get when I perform on stage in front of an audience is ecstatic. Jumping Jacks has given me such a significant boost in my acting ability as I am no longer afraid of looking silly, as long as it makes the children laugh and enjoy themselves then I’ve done my job well and I’m so proud to be given this chance at Jumping Jacks. I always give it 110% and I intend on making every party I’m at both memorable and enjoyable.

Emily D

Working for Jumping Jacks allows me to pursue what I love most, performing and working with kids, although being able to dress up and act like a princess is pretty amazing too! Every party is fun when you’re surrounded by a professional and caring team who all go out of their way to put smiles on children’s faces.

Music has always been prominent in my life, I have performed at prestigious events and in choirs for many years and I am now studying music at university. I’ve always loved spending time with kids and working for Jumping Jacks allows me to join them for their special occasions. There’s nothing quite like knowing you’ve made that child’s day as special as it can be getting to party with their favourite character. Working for Jumping Jacks really is a dream come true for me, I never want to leave!


My name is Alex and I am currently studying Dentistry at the University of Liverpool, as well as working for Jumping Jacks in my spare time. To me Jumping Jacks is not a company it is a family, all the staff are genuinely lovely and are ready to give 100% effort at every party. At Jumping Jacks I feel right at home as everyone is a little bit nuts just like me.

Jumping Jacks has given me the opportunity to develop my confidence and I can honestly say I love every party. I love being able to make children happy no matter what the occasion and I feel like I am learning new skills every day. It is an amazing job to be able to dress up at parties, whether it be your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman or a majestic unicorn and to be able to make a memorable experience for kids that they will remember forever is priceless.


Working at Jumping Jacks is such a good experience! I feel so excited and love every party I go to, I love all of my friends here at Jumping Jacks and I hope I’m here for a very long time! It really helps with my college subject which is Musical Theatre and I hope to get the experience that I need to go for a character audition for DisneyWorld or Disneyland in the future!


I love my role as a party entertainer!  Being part of Jumping Jacks means the world to me.  I love, love, love being able to put so many smiles on faces and get to be a big kid too… it’s so rewarding!  I can’t imagine doing anything else.